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Trying to figure out how to advertise your business online?

Recent studies have shown that approximately 43.54% of people who search for a particular keyword in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo end up going to the first result on the first page first.

So if an average of 1000 people search for a particular phrase such as “(your city) roofers” per month, then approximately 44% of them are going to land on your website first each month. Pretty awesome, right? That’s a far cry from the average 2.6% that go to the paid ad listings.

Now just imagine if your website ranked number 1 in the search engines for multiple keywords that generated hundreds or thousands of visitors per month each? So the next question would be:

How much more business can you even take on?

Getting excited yet? Good, because it’s about to get better…

Did you know that it’s possible to literally rig the search results in your favor? It is indeed very possible, and that is exactly what we do here at Search Rigger (hence the name).

This is the most powerful way to market your business online. It’s called search engine optimization (SEO).

Rome, NY SEO And Digital Marketing Agency

So a few things may come to mind when considering this form of online marketing. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers for you to consider:

Question #1: Is this even legal to do?

Answer: Yes. However, search engines do require that you do it in a way that doesn’t violate their guidelines. There are many “hats” that can be worn in the SEO space. But the safest way to do it is commonly referred to as “white hat techniques”. If you are caught doing any kind of techniques the search engines don’t like, your website could easily end up suffering a penalty from the search engines which may result in your website becoming completely de-indexed.

Question #2: What kind of techniques does Search Rigger use?

Answer: White hat techniques of course. We’re in business to help your business grow, not destroy it.

Question #3: Is SEO ethical?

Answer: That depends on the business we are promoting. Search engines want to deliver the best, most relevant results to their users based on the search phrases they type in while searching. They are well aware of the practice of search engine optimization, and they have plenty of tips to share in order to help your website rank high in the search results. However, that doesn’t mean they are going to tell you everything in order to win. They can’t release all of their secrets.

So it really depends on you, the business owner. Do you own a business that strives to deliver great service and customer satisfaction in your local market niche? If so, you are the type of business that we want to work with. Because we do not believe that it is ethical to help the worst business get the most customers. That doesn’t help the community you are serving. And quite frankly, we do not desire to contribute to adding poor services to any local community. 

Online Advertising Experts Dedicated Exclusively To You

We offer exclusivity to every business we work with in a sense that we will not work with your competitors who are targeting the same cities that for your niche. We work to help you dominate your niche in your local area.

Search Rigger’s Rome, NY Digital Advertising Services:

Search Engine Dominance

Getting your site on the front page may not always be enough. We work to dominate the 1st page to grow your business. And it doesn’t stop with just the city you live in. We cover all of the cities you operate in.

Web Development

Need a website? We got you covered. We’ll build you a beautifully designed website to suit your needs.

Content Creation

Search engines love high quality content. Not to mention, your customers will appreciate it as well. Since this goes hand-in-hand with some of our link building processes, we’ll create plenty of quality content optimized for search engine rankings and user engagement.

No Obligation Contracts

There are no contracts here that keep you stuck with us. If you’re not satisfied with our services, you can rest your mind at ease that we can part ways whenever you wish.

Link Building

In order for your site to become an authority and show relevance to your business, it needs to be linked to from other sites of high authority and relevance. We specialize in joining your site with the right crowds.

Social Media

Social Media has become a critical ranking factor today. Social engagement shows the search engines that your audience is interested in your content which in turn, gives you a boost.

Penalty Removal

Your site may be suffering from a search engine penalty. This can dramatically decrease your site’s exposure and leave many potential customers to your competitors.

Video Marketing

Video is becoming more and more popular these days. With Youtube being the second largest Search Engine in the world today (next to Google, it’s owner), it’s no wonder that video needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

SEO Audits

We provide website technical audits to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your website. By the way, you can get a free SEO audit here.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO is handled a bit differently than Local or National SEO. But don’t worry. We got that covered too.

Local SEO

If your business is locally based, we will dominate your local marketplace.

National SEO

Many businesses provide their services beyond their local marketplace. This can require a different approach for your Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry, we got this covered too.

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Joshua is one of the best SEO experts that I have had the chance to work with. His creative mind and specialisation in digital agency marketing and in Search Engine Optimization techniques represent your Where-To-Go solution in any of your ventures into your local market. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for Real SEO that wants Real Results.

David Carn
David CarnCEO at SEO Firestorm

The way that Joshua manages and delivers service to each of the companies he works with is unlike most out there. The expertise and experience shine through with results. Joshua has placed himself among the leading experts in his industry and delivers for your business.

Barbara Wood
Barbara WoodOwner Principal at Action Gem

Joshua is truly one of the best at what he does. If you want results and new business from seo, this is the guy to work with.

Tekang Check
Tekang CheckSEO and Digital Marketing Expert

Joshua is one of the best SEO managers out there. If you’re looking to get your business ranked quickly on the first page of google’s search engine look no further. He’s very knowledgeable in his field and goes above in beyond for his clients. I highly recommend Joshua’s SEO Online Marketing Service.

Ilmar Vosels
Ilmar VoselsOwner and CEO at

Joshua has the winning strategy in search engine optimization and internet media. He gives top notch customer service to his clients and very pleasant to work with. Getting his service is the best business investment you can take yet. Highly recommended.

Jiji Chai
Jiji ChaiDigital Marketing| Entrepreneur | WOW Author | WELLNESS Coach | BSN-RN

Joshua and Search Rigger are definitely our go-to. Joshua knows what he’s doing, and can get it done right. Highly recommended.

Adam Leech
Adam LeechOwner at Tharros Media

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